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Образование в британии сочинение на английском

Many great men studied in these universities: Cromwell, Newton, Byron, Darwin and others. The most able children were put in the A stream, the list able in the D stream. The principal examinations taken by secondary school pupils at the age of 16 are those leading to the General Certificate of Secondary Education GCSE. Поступление в такую школу зависит от результатов письменного экзамена, который дети сдают в возрасте 11 лет. The children spend most of their time in some sort of play activity, as far as possible of an educational kind. In nursery schools they learn some elementary things such as numbers, colours, and letters. After leaving secondary school young people can apply to a university, a polytechnic or a college of further education. Administration of state schools is decentralized. All British universities are private institutions. They give pupils a high level of academic education witch can lead to the university. Рассказ "Британское образование" на английском. Но когда детям исполняется 7 лет, для них начинается настоящая учёба. Lots of things such as clothes, food, planes and cars are made in London. Многие студенты продолжают учёбу, чтобы получить степень магистра, а затем и доктора наук. About 93 percent of all children are educated in state schools and the rest attend private schools. The constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan fixes the right of citizens of the republic on free-of-charge secondary education which is obligatory. Some college departments law, journalism, foreign language-especially English have dozens of applicants for one prospective student's position. В Великобритании 126 университетов. Upon graduation from secondary school students are given the choice of either continuing to attend the same school high school -senior grades 10-11 or entering a vocational or technical school. The work is based upon the pupil's interests as far as possible. Three partners are responsible for the education service: central government Ц the Department of Education and Science DES , local education authorities LEAs , and schools themselves. Наиболее известные частные школы Великобритании: Итон, Харроу, Винчестер. The legal basis for this partnership is supplied by the 1944 Education Act. После обеда у них еще два урока, которые заканчиваются в половине четвертого. Личность реализуется в культуре мысли, культуре работы и культуре языка. The course is usually subdivided into the lower 6 and the upper 6. About 5 per cent of BritainТs children attend independent or private schools outside the free state sector. It teaches many general subjects.

Schools place great value on the PTA as a further means of listening to parents and developing the partnership between home and school.

Зачисление, гарантии, обучение английскому языку. After three years of study a university graduate get the Degree of a Bachelor of Arts, Science or Engineering. В грамматических школах практикуется раздельное обучение мальчиков и девочек. Till recently most junior school children had to seat for the eleven-plus examination. Бирмингем - это самый большой город в центре Англии. Они изучают многие предметы: английский и математику, историю и музыку, краеведение и рисование, рукоделие, французский и латынь. Many children attend pre-school playgroups, mostly organized by parents, where children can go for a morning or afternoon a couple of times a week. Then they may take the General Certificate of Education at the ordinary level. Schools received the right to withdraw from local education authority control if they wished. В возрасте 7, 11 и 14 лет школьники сдают экзамены по основным предметам.

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Обучение в таких школах даёт перспективы только в рабочей сфере деятельности.

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